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Lash Extension FAQs:

What are lash extensions?

Lash extensions are faux hairs that are individually glued onto the natural eyelashes one by one to give the illusion of fuller lashes. They are 100% safe & do not damage your natural lashes if applied properly. You can keep up with your fills for as long as you want or until your lash artist tells you that it’s time for a new set. Lash extensions are easier on the eyes compared to strip lashes, they are not placed on the lash line. 


How long do they last?

On average, my clients' lashes will still be on even after a month since they last came in. 

They will last as long as you allow them to if you follow proper aftercare instructions and aren’t picking at them. You should come in every 2-3 weeks if you want to keep up with your lashes. Once you start, it’s hard to stop!


How often am I supposed to get a fill?

Every 2-3 weeks. Our natural lashes go through a shedding cycle in that time. In this process, your extensions will shed as well so it’s best to come in every couple weeks to get your set back to looking like a full set. 


How do I know what to book under?

Examples of what each style looks like along with the name of each set can be found on the ‘Services’ part of the website.  There are several different styles such as Classic, hybrid, volume, mega volume & wispy sets. Every set is uniquely tailored to your face & eye shape. 


What happens if I wait too long to book a fill?

It’s best to pre-book your appointments to avoid this. It’s best to not go past 3 weeks as you need at least 40% of your extensions remaining for it to be considered a fill. Anything past 3 weeks should be booked as a full set because it would take just as long to do a fill. Pre-book and save yourself the stress.


How do I know which style is the best for me?

Depending on the look you want to achieve, your lash artist will help you decide the style & mapping that best suits your eye shape to help compliment and frame your face as well as enhance & elevate your look. 


Can I still get extensions if I have straight/sparse natural lashes?

Yes! If you have straight lashes, extensions will help lift up the lashes and make your lashes look more full. If you have sparse lashes, you can still get lash extensions, but your set will only be as full as your natural lashes are. For sparse lashes, hybrid/volume sets are recommended to help your lashes look more full. 


Am I supposed to wash my lashes?

Yes. You should be using Stars Beauty Bar Lash Bath every day or at least every other. You can do it either at the beginning &/or end of your day. This is essential for natural lash health & good retention. Lash extensions can’t stick to dirty lashes, so making sure you’re washing them to remove any dirt, makeup, sweat, and eye boogers is necessary. It’s best to keep them clean to avoid a possible eye infection. 


Do lash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

No, If you go to an educated and trusted lash technician. But if you choose to go the faster/cheaper route, you may not get much bang for your buck. The application process can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. This is because extensions should be applied individually and if the work is rushed, you may experience discomfort and this could lead to natural lash damage. Always do your research.


Lash Class FAQs

How many days is the class?

3 days. The first two days we will cover the basics & mannequin work. The third day will be an intro to business, teaching you everything I know along with live model work. You will receive your certificate at the end of the training. Lunch & snacks will be provided. 


What will be taught in this course?

Everything you need to know to be successful in this industry. No gate keeping. You will learn in 3 days what took me 4 years to learn. From do’s and don’ts to telling you about personal experiences and helping you be prepared for  whatever comes your way so that you’re not blindsided when you start on your own. I remember feeling so confused and discouraged after my first lash class because there were so many things I wasn't taught or told that I had to figure out the hard way & on my own. I then had to save up & spend way more on another course because I chose to take the cheaper route the first time around. You will be successful if you follow my lead as well as put the work in. 


Why should I take this course?

Because I genuinely want to help create other amazing lash artists. I don’t want you to have to take multiple classes to get it right, all it takes is one amazing class to make you realize that you can do it too. Let this class be the investment that changes your life for the better. Take a chance on YOU. 


What sets this course apart from other courses?

My dedication to helping you excel in this craft. I don’t care about the money. If I did, I would’ve started training a long time ago, but I never felt ready, til now. I didn’t want to do it just to do it. As a student, I would want to know as much information as possible, so I will be providing that as your instructor. 

Not only will I teach you the ins and outs of lash extensions, I will go through the business/legal side of things so that when you’re ready to start taking clients on your own, you will have the tools to do so.

This class may not be the cheapest you’ve seen, it’s not supposed to be. If it was, it simply couldn’t be the best. 


What if after class I still have questions or need guidance?

The good thing about training with me is that you have a lifetime mentorship with me. Meaning, that if after the class at any point in your career, whether it's the following week or year, I am there to help and guide you anyway I can. This can include texting, calling, shadowing me on in appointment, advice, questions, concerns, or just to talk. I am there for you every step of the way. 



Permanent Make-Up FAQs

What permanent makeup services do you offer?

Lip Blushing and Ombre Powder Brows. 


How long do the services take?

On average, after the consultation & picking the perfect shade, mapping & numbing, about 2.5-3 hours. 


Does it hurt?

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I’ve had clients say it was a breeze and others who felt pain. After all, It is not supposed to be comfortable, but with the help of numbing cream, the pain is minimal and we numb before every pass. 


When should I get a touch up?

Most people wait a year but this is totally up to you. After 6-8 weeks if you decide you want your lips or brows darker/more pigmented, just schedule a touch up. 


Can I get Lip blush done if I’ve had lip filler?

Yes. But you must wait 6-8 weeks after your initial appointment. The same goes for if you want to get filler after you’ve got lip blushing. 


Is Ombre Powder Brows the same thing as Micro blading?

No. They are 2 different concepts/techniques. Ombre powder brows gives more of a makeup effect on the brows because we shade them in. The darkest spot being the outer brow and lightening as we get to the beginning of the brow to give an ombre effect. Where as Micro blading gives a more natural effect to the brows because hair like strokes are cut into the skin to giving the illusion of more brow hair. 


Can I get PMU done if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, no. There are actually quite a few contraindications that need to be cleared beforehand. They can all be found on our Consent form that must be filled out and signed prior to your appointment. 

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